Getting ready for summer: how to start waking up earlier and have more time?

  • 10-06-2021

Every year, the whole world switches its clocks to daylight saving time. The days are getting longer

Every year, the whole world switches its clocks to daylight saving time. The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter. And in this regard, many are wondering: how to learn to wake up before noon on your own and have more things to do.

In order to wake up early without an alarm, you need to consider the following :

- A comfortable sleep interval. Each person has a different sleep pattern, and you've probably noticed that you get enough sleep when you go to bed at 12. Or vice versa, if you get to bed no later than 11 pm. Having identified "your" gap, it will be easier for you to organize sleep.

- The most convenient time to wake up. It's not about hours, it's about minutes. Watch your sleep, see about what time you wake up yourself without an alarm clock. Say, at 10.40, 11.35, 12.43. This means that it is easier for you to get up after half. A properly defined time will help you to develop the habit of early recovery more easily in the future.

- Stable quality sleep. When forming a habit, it is very important to get enough sleep, if you work on it only on weekends, and on weekdays sleep for 5-6 hours, you will not succeed.

- Gradually bring the sleep time to earlier. If you've been getting up at 10 all your life, you won't be able to wake up at 6 right away. Try first to shift the wake-up time by an hour, then by two, and so on to the desired time.

- The number of hours needed for a good sleep. No matter what they say about a healthy 8-hour sleep, someone is more comfortable sleeping 7 hours. Others - 9. And someone for 5, 5 perfectly gets enough sleep. This should also be taken into account, because the fewer hours you need to sleep, the more important the interval we wrote about above.

By following these tips, you will be able to reconfigure your internal clock the way you want.